STEM Academy Dress Code

2019-2020 STEM Academy  DRESS CODE

Tennis shoes required every day!

Reminder: If you purchased STEM Academy T-shirts or sweatshirts in the past, they may be worn any day of the week.

Shirt Colors: navy blue, light blue, black, pink, red, white, or gray
Shirts need to be one solid color

Shirt Styles: collared polo, long sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, T-shirt, sweater
No graphics, tank tops, or spaghetti straps

Pant Colors: khaki, navy blue, or black

Pant Styles: long pants, dress shorts, skirts, jumpers, skorts, and capris.
Plain or patterned leggings can be worn, but must be under shorts, jumpers, and Skirts.

No jeans, gym shorts, athletic pants or sweats!

If your student is cold, and needs to wear a sweatshirt or light jacket in class, it must meet the uniform requirements.

Colors: dark blue, white, light blue, red, pink, gray, or black with no graphics on the front.