HS Student Services

Welcome to Student Services!
Our staff is available to see students individually or in groups to assist them in making course selections, planning a career, or to give help on personal problems and decision making. The office staff has information to share or may refer students to others who can provide help.

The following staff specialize in the areas listed and are available to assist you:

Gerielle Stewart (269) 250-8700
Principal, Comstock High School

Kevin Hamilton (269) 250-8714
Behavior Intervention, Conflict Resolution, 504 Accommodation plans

Pamela Dudley, (269) 250-8707
Director of the College and Career Academy
AP Classes, College Applications, Dual Enrollment
Seniors - Scheduling, Scholarships, Graduation, College Applications and Conflict Resolution

James Cotter, Post-Secondary Dean of CCA (269) 250-8704
College Scholarships/Applications

Aaron Bagwell,  250-8706
CCA Dean (Students last names A-G)

Chelsie Taylor,  250-8704
CCA Dean (Students last names H-N)

Rida Jones, Social Worker (269) 250-8716
Special Education & Community Agency Connections

Justin Ansel, Athletic Director (269) 250-8711
Eligibility & NCAA Clearinghouse

Also our Administrative Assistants will be available to assist you, and specialize in the following:

Karen Blaesser (269) 250-8703
General Information, New Enrollments, Parent Portal

Brenda Deibler (269) 250-8705
Attendance, Discipline

Brenna LaForge (269) 250-8710
Media Clerk, Student Services Office Assistant

Shirley Doorlag (269) 250-8712