Return to Learn 2020

Return to Learn 2020
Posted on 08/12/2020
Return to Learn 2020

At the August 10 Board meeting, the Comstock Board of Education prioritized the health and safety of students and staff by opting to begin the school year with only virtual instruction. Our Board of Education will revisit this decision at the September 28 board meeting for any potential moves to in-person instruction. 

At the present time, we are asking ALL families to update their Infinite Campus contact information as soon as possible to ensure that the district can provide students in need with the necessary materials, including WiFi “hot spots” and Chromebooks, for virtual instruction. Those materials will be distributed to families in need on August 24 at Comstock High School.

(For detailed instructions on how to update Infinite Campus information, visit this news story)

As we start the school year, students will begin their instruction program as if they were in Phase 3 of the MI Safe Start Plan (see CPS Return to Learn District Overview). Find the plan for your specific school by clicking the appropriate link below:

Comstock High School 
Compass High School  
Comstock Middle School
Comstock STEM Academy 
Comstock Elementary School
Comstock Early Learning Academy

pdf Overview of CPS Return to Learn Plans
pdf Complete CPS Return to Learn Plan
pdf Complete CPS Return to Learn Plan - Updated 9/18/2020

The Comstock Board of Education’s decision on September 28 will determine whether we continue with virtual instruction, or whether we begin to transition to in-person instruction. If families prefer, the Comstock K-12 Virtual Academy  (CVA) may be an option. Keep in mind that by enrolling in the CVA, students will be making at least a semester-long commitment to the program. If the Board chooses to reinstate in-person instruction, CVA students will be unable to switch until the end of the semester.

If you have any questions about the contents of the CPS Return to Learn Plan, please contact our superintendent at your earliest convenience at 269-250-8906 or