2021-22 FAFSA

2021-22 Online FAFSA Application
Posted on 10/01/2020
2021-22 Online FAFSA Application

As of October 1st, 2020 the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (aka "FAFSA") is officially open for students and families. For those who may not know, FAFSA is an incredibly important step in the college affordability process, and is the first step in acquiring any financial aid for your post-secondary education. Each year Comstock High School seniors are offered millions of dollars in FREE financial aid from the schools they choose to attend. Because the FAFSA is a vital step for ALL graduating seniors, even those who are undecided, we want you to know that there is assistance available for you throughout this process.

Together, we will accomplish this task to ensure you are receiving the money for college that you’re eligible for! 

Before starting FAFSA:
Both parent/guardian AND student must create their own FSA IDs. This account acts as the electronic signature for the FAFSA. These steps can be completed here. 

  • It is highly suggested that you record and file all responses and information in the FSA ID accounts for future reference.

  • Be sure to double check your social security number before submitting.

  •  Be sure to use an active email address and phone number for this account.

Starting the FAFSA:
Once FSA IDs are created, proceed here to begin the 2021/22 FAFSA (note this is the year the student is starting college, not graduating high school). 

  • The FAFSA will require family tax information from 2019.

  •  If you are unsure if you have to provide parent/guardian info, see this link for details

  • For males, there will be a question regarding “Selective Service”. Please review this section and respond accordingly. Keep in mind to be eligible for financial aid, you must also be registered for selective service. There is an option that can automatically enroll you if you so choose. 

  • For college selections, students must include every college they have applied to, or plan to apply to. If you need to add a school after FAFSA is submitted, you’ll have to login and edit the FAFSA. If a school is not on the FAFSA you will not be offered financial aid from them. 

  •  Upon arriving at the Parent/Guardian Financial section you will most likely be able to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. By inputting the Parent FSA ID login the IRS will directly transfer all applicable tax info from the appropriate year (2019). If you are not able to access this tool you will simply need to manually enter necessary 2019 tax info from your tax returns. 

  •  If the student filed 2019 taxes they too will follow this route.

  •  When you get to the “Sign and Submit” page, remember to click “Sign this FAFSA now” before submitting, or else the FAFSA will not be finalized.

After the FAFSA:
Some helpful tips as you continue on:

  • Be sure to track accepted student portal logins (info found on acceptance letters) to all schools you’re accepted to. This is where your award letter and financial aid breakdown will be sent. 

  •  Check these portals daily once we get into Dec/Jan for financial aid updates.

  •  Be on the lookout for verification forms. Schools will ask you to fill out additional forms before your award letter is complete. These updated requests will come through your accepted student/application portals for each school you’re accepted to. 

  •  Plan financially. Understand the total remaining cost of your schools of choice, and how much financial aid you’ll need to make that possible. 

  •  Check if your eligible for other grants, like TIP (see Mr. Cotter for details).

  •  Apply for as many scholarships as humanly possible! 

  • See “Scholarships” Google Classroom for information. Apply early and often.

  •  Be on the lookout for this year’s *Virtual* Scholarship Night event. 

  •  Dual enroll during 2nd semester to earn free college credit. See Mr. Cotter to learn how.

  •  Meet with Mr. Cotter regularly, and continue to solidify your plan.