Ms. Anderson

Ms. Anderson
Classroom Phone: 269-250-XXXX
School Phone: 269-250-8600

I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) for many years in Comstock and some parents may know me from when you were here as a Colt yourself (that gives you an idea that I have been here a long time!). I have had the pleasure to have serviced all buildings at one time or another. This year I continue working with students at CES who are in 3rd - 5th grade. I am also the Speech-Language Therapist for CMS & CHS.

I was a professional photographer for many years while also being a school SLP, and loved the interactions, smiles, and laughter. That is also what I love about working with students! Now I just take photos with my phone, and it brings me the same joy. Following stay-at-home recommendations, I decided to teach myself how to play the ukulele. It has been a ton of fun to watch my progress when I keep practicing. Makes me think of what all students must feel when they practice reading, math, and, in our case, speech-language skills, and the pride they take in seeing their own progress! Love it!

One of my favorite quotes is "We do our best every day and every day our best looks different." I love serving the students and families of Comstock Public Schools, and am committed to doing my best every day to encourage and support children to do their best every day.