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  1. What can I do to get my son into wrestling at Comstock?

  2. What can someone expect from wrestling?


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    What can I do to get my son into wrestling at Comstock?
    If you live in the Comstock School District, you can get your children into wrestling in a variety of ways.

    Elementary age: The Colt Wrestling Club is a registered club through the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association. We participate in the MYWA season which runs from approximately mid-November through March. Sign up information will be sent home with your child in the fall of every school year or you can check this website for information. You can also register your child to wrestle freestyle through Michigan USA Wrestling.

    Middle School age: The Colt Wrestling Club is also available to your child, and we have middle school wrestling for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 6th graders will not be allowed to compete unless they wrestle other 6th graders.

    High School age: All club wrestling opportunities are available to your child as well. We also want to see your child wrestle for the high school JV or varsity squad.

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    What can someone expect from wrestling?
    It is a team sport but is also an individual sport. Wrestlers work as a team and support one another in the dual meet format. They have to learn to support one another and to do their part as a teammate. Wrestlers also work through individual tournaments to establish themselves as one of the best individual wresters in their weight class. They create and succeed by themselves, as well as, with help from their coaches and teammates.

    Wrestling requires student-athletes to look in the mirror and make themselves better. When a child wins in wrestling he has to look at the work he put in as well as to those who helped him get that win. When a child loses, the first place he should look is in the mirror. Once he realizes his own responsibility, he can then turn to his coaches and teammates for assistance. It takes a strong individual to understand and accept this. Many kids struggle with this concept but learn to love it. They can't point the finger at others for their failures and they soon realize this fact. This teaches our children humility and self-awareness.

    Watching a wrestling match is grueling for parents. To see your child on the mat struggling to do something in direct opposition to another person attempting to accomplish the same exact thing can create very strong emotions. We grow to love the sport as much as our children once we understand the work they put in and the feeling of pride they pull from performing well on the mat ... win or lose.

    Bottom line, you can expect hard work, intensity, and a great feeling of accomplishment.

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