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Playground improvements are happening now at each of our elementary schools, and they are due to be completed by the start of the 2018-19 school year! Your kids are going to love the improvements!

Playground Improvements

Playground Improvements

Playground Improvements

playground Improvements

playground Improvements

playground Improvements

Posted by Jason Hall  On Aug 15, 2018 at 11:41 AM 27 Comments

At the March regular meeting, the Board of Education voted to move forward with the issuance of Series II of the 2016 Bond Issue. Originally, Series II was scheduled for issuance in the summer of 2019. Strong property value growth in the district has allowed the district to issue those bonds a year early.
The Board considered several factors in making the decision to accelerate issuing series II of the 2016 Bond. The factors included:

  • By issuing the bonds a year early, the Board could avoid any future interest rate hikes, potentially saving hundreds, if not millions, in interest costs.
  • By accelerating the construction schedule by at least a year, the district could save on the construction inflation costs. Currently, with the tight labor market and high demand for skilled trades, the inflation rate for construction is approximately 5-7 percent. The accelerated schedule could save the District between $500,000 and $700,000.
  • With this accelerated construction schedule, the students and community would receive the benefit of the construction projects a year earlier.

The major projects contained in Series II of the 2016 bond issue are:

  • Remodeling NEMS
  • High school site improvements
  • Elementary playground improvements
  • Paving improvements / replacements – throughout the district
  • Technology equipment
  • Other furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Planning for these projects is in process, and the Board will be presented with drawings at an upcoming meeting. The goal is to begin the bid process this summer.

The following is the status of Series I of the 2016 bond issue projects:

  • High school entrance – 4/24/18 scheduled completion date
  • NEMS entrance – Completed
  • North Elementary entrance – 3/20/18 scheduled completion date
  • Green Meadow Elementary entrance – 3/26/18 scheduled completion date
  • STEM Academy entrance – 6/13/18 scheduled construction timeline
  • Compass High School entrance – 6/11/18 scheduled completion date
  • High School Locker Rooms – 3/5/18 to 8/31/18 scheduled construction timeline
  • Restrooms, all buildings – 6/13/18 to 8/31/18 scheduled construction timeline

Overall, the construction projects are proceeding according to the planned schedule and budget. Please feel free to contact the superintendent if you have any questions at 269-250-8907 or

Posted by Jason Hall  On Apr 04, 2018 at 12:24 PM 36 Comments

As we return from winter break, Green Meadow Elementary School will be under construction. In order for construction to take place, traffic flow will change and part of the building will be inaccessible.

Please note the following:

  • The front circle drive will be off limits except for bus traffic before/after school. Please use the parking lot and side entrance to the west of the school if you are visiting or picking up a child during the school day.
  • The main office will now be located in the library. All adults will enter the side of the building from the parking lot and go to the corner of the library to greet Mrs. Connor or Mrs. Watson.
  • Mrs. Caswell, Mrs. Boyce, Mr. McMeekan will now have offices in the library.The main entrance hallway from Mrs. McMurtrie’s room forward will be walled off and off limits
  • Drop off and pick up will be at the library. Parents will be expected to sign students in and get a pass at the beginning of the day. Pick up parents will get a pass in the library and wait in the gym as usual.
  • The bus loop will be used for construction offices and equipment. However, it WILL continue to be available for arrival and dismissal for BUS traffic only. Bus riders will be the only students who will use the door by Mrs. Lanings’s room before and after school. The door will be locked during all other times.

While this work will cause some difficulties, we are excited for the changes that will be made to enhance Green Meadow Elementary. The projected timeline for our project is from December, 2017 to March, 2018. We hope that the work will be able to be completed in the spring, and we will soon have secure entrances and an overall new feel at Green Meadow Elementary.

Posted by Jason Hall  On Jan 08, 2018 at 11:46 AM 17 Comments
Here's a glimpse into what's going on behind the wall at Comstock High School. This clip comes from the latest episode of K-12 360 from the Public Media Network.

Posted by Jason Hall  On Nov 02, 2017 at 1:05 PM 26 Comments

Comstock Public Schools Superintendent Todd Mora sits down with Public Media Network's Karen Woodworth to discuss the district's construction plans, literacy programs, and more.

Posted by Jason Hall  On Oct 05, 2017 at 2:56 PM 59 Comments
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