Comstock Tech Dept. will post updates and info for users here.

More details about the Summer 2017 projects will be posted here

  • Migration to Gmail for staff, enable Gmail for kids K12.
  • Google Classroom, will be enabled K-12.
  • Google Drive, The S will be converted over to a google team drive next year.
  • Google Training. we want all teaching staff be “Google Certified Educator Level 1” in the fall.
  • Desktops! We will have less and any remaining will be Windows 10.
  • Chomebooks – We are getting enough to implement a 1-1 program. They WILL NOT GO HOME, but each student will have their own chromebook for the life of that hardware. Buildings are planning how this will look at each level.

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WHAT GroupWise email/calendar system is being migrated to Google’s Gmail and Calendars. GroupWise Instant Messenger is being replaced with Google’s Hangouts. WHEN July 26th all new emails will be delivered to your Gmail inbox. Between July 26th and August 4th we will move all your old messages from GW into Gmail. WHO Everyone with a GroupWise account. 1. After 7/26 how to get my new messages. Open a web browser and log into gmail with your comstock email address and password (these will not change). a. Open browser b.Search for gmail c. Click link to gmail login page ( ) d. USERNAME = your current comstock email address (example: e. PASSWORD = your novell/groupwise password (same password you always use to login) 2.Add the new comstock gmail account to your mobile device. After 7/26 how to look at my OLD messages. (WARNING AFTER 7/26 DO NOT SEND FROM GROUPWISE, only send from the new Gmail) 1. Old messages will be moved to your new Gmail inbox between 7/26 and 8/4. If you can wait just look in your new gmail inbox (see above). 2. GroupWise client on your computer. 3. Open a web browser and go to 4. Use your mobile device, if it is already set up. (NOTE after 8/4 this will not work) WHERE ARE MY FOLDERS? Gmail uses Labels to organize email, your folders will be converted to lables. I AM NEW TO GMAIL WHERE CAN I GET HELP? This is a nice overview. LINK
Posted by Mark Peeters  On Jul 20, 2017 at 4:05 PM 9 Comments
We are making some big changes this is where we will post info as projects develop.
Posted by Mark Peeters  On Jun 14, 2017 at 9:46 AM 16 Comments