School Improvement Survey 2017

School Improvement
  1. Staff members hold all students to high academic standards.

  2. Students are given the opportunity to utilize technology to support learning.

  3. Communication between school and home (shoutpoint, electronic signs, mailings, emails, phone calls, Remind 101 etc) is effective.

  4. CHS provides a supportive environment.

  5. School personnel (office staff, teachers, paraprofessionals, administration) regularly engage families in student learning.

  6. Students feel safe at school.

  7. Is there variety of extra curricular activities: 




    Community Service hours: 


  8. Advanced course offerings (advance placement, dual enrollment, honors courses) enhance student opportunities to challenge themselves academically.

  9. Students are offered opportunities to build leadership skills.

  10. The late bus offered on Tuesday and Thursday has improved my student's academic performance.

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