Grad Bash

History of Project Graduation:
They knew something had to be done in Maine when seven alcohol and other drug-related teen deaths occurred during the commencement season. The Class of 1980 at Oxford Hills High School was presented with information about the risks of drinking, drugging, and driving. The seniors were offered an alternative to the "traditional" graduation-night drinking event that drew hundreds of people to the local fair grounds. This was a huge success with a decline in alcohol related casualties. This decline reached zero fatalities in Maine in 1983 when there were 86 sites involved.

Our Mission:
This is the last time that this class will be together as a group. We hope to have an amazing chemical free event that all the seniors attend, full of so much fun and activities that they create life-long memories!

Get your ticket today!
The cost is $50. Purchase your ticket through the PayPal link below.

send us a confidential email if you need financial assistance.

You can sign up and turn your check into the school office or pay on-line.
Please write checks out to COMSTOCK GRAD BASH.

Upcoming Fundraising Events:

•If you have any other great ideas we would love to hear them. Please come to our next meeting or contact one of the board members.
•Please send us an email if you want to sign up for any of the above events.

Meeting Times:
We are meeting at Niko's on the first Monday of every month at 6:00

Board Members:
President — Mindy Simms
Vice President — Teresa Kokales
Secretary — Teresa Kokales
Treasurer — Catherine Salome

We need more volunteers:
It is no exaggeration to say that this party would not happen without dozens of parents, and volunteers both during the school year and the night of the party. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities and we can find the perfect job for you! Join the fun! We need you!

Thank you to our sponsors:
Please contact us if you or your business would like to sponsor this event. In the meantime, if you would like to make a donation to GradBash, consider making a donation of any amount through the PayPal link below.

Contact us: