Ms. Bottema

Ms. Bottema
Classroom Phone: 269-250-XXXX
School Phone: 269-250-8600

Amy Bottema credits her fourth grade teacher at Gull Road Elementary, Mrs. Schrock, for her decision to become a teacher. “Every day she would come to the classroom always excited about teaching and she made learning fun,” said Mrs. Bottema. “She is the person that I would say to myself, 'I want to do what she does and be a teacher just like her.' It wasn’t a job for her. It was a passion and she enjoyed it.”

So, after graduating from Comstock, Mrs. Bottema attended Western Michigan University and began her teaching career, teaching for five years at Forest Academy and then for one year at Paramount Charter Academy.

 As a teacher, she enjoys building relationship with students, families, and the community. “I enjoy teaching because students come to class enthusiastic about learning and have fun doing it,” she said. “I wake up every morning knowing that I’m making an impact on each student.”

Those same students inspire her each day as she witnesses their curiosity about new topics. “Good questions and healthy discussions lead to better learning,” she said.

The challenge for her as a teacher is to instill personal responsibility in students.
“I can provide lots of opportunities, but sometimes students have outside factors that keep them from trying their best or becoming interested in the subject matter,” she said.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family. Every Sunday night, you’ll find them having a family game night of playing board games. “I also enjoy running,” she said. “I find that running clears my head and I like to run at least three times per week.”